Gleason L. Archer Jr., Ph.D.
Frank E. Gaebelein, Litt.D.
Stephen W. Paine, Th.D.
Carl Armerding, D.D
Everett F. Harrison, Litt.D.
James Reeve, Ph.D.
Charles W. Anderson, D.D
Harold Helms, Th.D.
Arnold C. Schultz, Th. D.
Donald Barnhouse, Th.D.
Clay Jones, M.Div.
Wilbur M. Smith, D.D.

F. Carlton Booth, Mus.D.
Harold B. Kuhn, Ph.D.
Merrill C. Tenney, Ph.D.
S. Maxwell Coder, D.D.
William S. Lasor, Ph.D.
Nathaniel Van Cleave, Th.D.
V. Raymond Edman, Ph.D.
Michael S. Letinsky,Ph.D.
John F. Walvoord, Th.D.
E. Schuyler English, Litt.D.
T. Leonard Lewis, Litt.D.
Arthur B. Whiting, Th.D.

Howard W. Ferrin, Ph.D.
Harold Lindsell, Ph.D.
Walter L. Wilson, M.D.
Fred Fisher, Th.D.
L. E. Maxwell
Earle E. Williams, Ph.D.
Rev. Victor M. Ford
J. Vernon Mcgee, Th.D.
Charles Woodbridge, Ph.D.
Daniel P. Fuller, Th.D.
Harold J. Ockenga, Ph.D.
William H. Wrighton, Ll.D.

In 1979 we were just starting a ministry that God had laid upon our shoulders and were asking the Lord's guidance as to how we can reach more with the gospel. By God's providence, He brought IBI to us. In over twenty years, we have graduated 363 men and women. The greater majority of these are in active ministry. What is almost unbelievable is that so many of our graduates are now pastors of great and big congregations reaching thousands in every corner of the Philippines. Some are missionaries in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Tibet, Israel, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Bishop Jesse L. Candelaria, - Charismatic Ecumenical Ministries International, Philippines & USA

We began our first classes in August of 1985 and have graduated 130 students; 35 have continued their studies at colleges and seminars. The IBI program in our church increased membership and financial support.

Dr. E. S. Singletary, - New Life Christian Church, San Bernardino, CA

We started our first class, OT101, in January 2005. The students were really impressed with the materials they received. They were excited about the course, but were amazed at the quality of the materials --the professionalism.

George Galcik - South Jersey Bible Institute, Gibbsboro, New Jersey